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Day 13 – Budapest

Got up at a more normal time, then spent breakfast chatting with a couple from Connecticut    who were over for a friend’s wedding. Turns out Matt is in IT at Yale and also a cigar smoker, so we had lots to talk about. We went to the Mamut mall and got some swimsuits for…

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Day 12 – Budapest

We gleefully slept late this morning, then took our bikes to the shop we noticed just a block from our hotel, and had them clean and lube both bikes, and also check out John’s gearing, which was still not trouble-free. We got some transit day-passes and went over to  the Pest side to walk the…

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Day 11 – Komárno to Budapest

We got an early start, hitting the grocery store on the way out of town for some fruit. We  stopped for a bit to wander around the Roman ruins just outside Komárno. Fairly uneventful until lunch across the river from Esztergom, where we were entertained by the Tom-Cruise-in-“Cocktail” of ice cream scoopers and by the…

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