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Day 25 – Constanta to Babadag

We had breakfast on the top floor, discovering some pretty decent views towards the sea of Ovid’s exile home. ¬†This, coupled with the previous evening’s impressions, drew comparisons in my mind to Galveston around the Strand area: grand old city with a slight air of decay mixed with some vibrant new elements, slowing regaining it’s…

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Day 24 – Bucharest to Constanta

When I upgraded the room, I was looking forward to the pleasure of having a lazy Sunday morning of waking up late…that was not to be the case. Promptly at 8am construction began, waking us both despite wearing ear plugs. It ceased before we could call down to complain, but by that point we were…

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Day 23 – Drobeta-Turnu Severin to Bucharest

Sleep was a distant wish last night; neither one of us got more than a couple of hours. Since we are facing iffy to no lodging ahead, have no desire to camp out, and are already running behind schedule, we must take a train if we are going to ride the last bit to Mile…

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