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Day 16 – Mohács to Apatin

We stocked up on fruit and nuts once again before taking the ferry back across the river. We followed the dike to only a mile from the border, but since Serbia is not a member of the EU yet, we had to detour a few miles to the east to get on the main road…

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Day 15 – Paks to Mohács

We stocked up on fruits and nuts at the SPAR store, then had a heck of a time trying to find the ferry landing without going on the motorway. Turns out it is the only way, so we did, again without incident. We took the ferry (run by a company charmingly named Charon) to the…

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Day 14 – Budapest to Paks

Leaving Budapest proved interesting; the signage was less than ept, and after several missed turns we decided to strike out on our own way going south down the island of Csepelsziget. We had some pretty mediocre hamburgers in Ráckeve, but at least they had free Wi-Fi so that we could check on hotel possibilities later…

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