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Day 22 – Donji Milanovic to Drobeta-Turnu Severin

In going through the guide book, I come across some interesting text that somehow I had managed to miss previously.  One said that there were no accommodations for a good 40 mile stretch within which I had planned for us to stay; and then there was this nugget of joy: “Calafat is the last town…

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Day 21 – Veliko Gradište to Donji Milanovac

The receptionist had told us breakfast started at 8, but we were ready at 7:30, so we just waited in the lobby. When 8 rolled around, and there was no breakfast in sight, we asked the owner, who spoke no English, but he kept pointing down the road. Finally the English-speaking receptionist showed up, who…

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Day 20 – Belgrade to Veliko Gradište

After the “fun” of riding into Belgrade, we contemplated alternative methods of leaving. But trains in Serbia do not allow bicycles, and the bus system seemed like an iffy proposition at best, so we decided to chance the bridge again. It didn’t seem quite so intimidating this time, being at the beginning of a ride…

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